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Title: [I DON'T HAVE A TITLE YET] help me come up with one?
Rating: G
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Characters: Ten and Rose
Spoilers: NONE omg.
Summary:'s a PWP kinda. inspired by this piece of fanart!
Author's Notes: done in one shot when I should have been napping before work, COMPLETELY un-beta-ed.


“I think I’m going to take you to a newly formed planet as of the year 3042.  The name consistently changed throughout the years, but as of 3050, exactly eight years later, it was still unnamed.  So we shall be going to a planet without a name!”  The Doctor was setting the coordinates and pressing the necessary buttons and pulling the necessary levers to take them where no human or alien had gone before.

And this was perfectly fine with a one Rose Tyler.  She smiled and almost laughed with excitement.

“Sounds mysterious,” her words seemed only vaguely interested.

“Oh it is,” he replied, looking at the screen in front of him.

“Dangerous even,” only a bit more concerned on her end.

“Oh yes, very dangerous,” he looked up, almost scared that she was rethinking this adventure, when he saw the smile slowly appear on her face once more.

“Sounds like fun!” At her words, the Doctor grinned and prepared to pull the last lever to take them to the unknown planet.

“That’s the spirit! Here we go!”


They landed with the usual flair- rough and laughing on the grating of the TARDIS, ready to get up and explore this new world.

“Right then,” he said, gathering his large brown coat and making sure his sonic and key were in his pockets, “let’s open the doors and see if we need to bring jackets, raincoats, any-” he heard the door squeak and felt a lack of human on board, “Rose?”

“Oh Doctor, come look, it’s beautiful!” her voice called out to him from outside.

His own voice took on a lectured tone, “Rose, you can’t be wandering off like that, you’re lucky you can even breathe here (well, the TARDIS had that covered so long as you don‘t go too far, but that’s besides the point).  Of course, another lucky bit for you is that this planet DOES have safe levels of air to breathe for a human and- blimey that’s amazing…”

As he walked up to her, the view in front of them was beautiful and majestic.  Almost like the rainforest on Earth, but with plant life never before seen on any other planet.  He took Rose’s hand and just looked on, both of them sharing the same awed expression.  They walked for a distance, admiring the view comparing some of the plants to similar ones back on Earth.

“I’ve only been here once before. Roughly about 1000 years into this planet’s future.  Humans found it, inhabited it…and from what I can see here…destroyed it.”  He pulled her to follow along and he let go of her hand to crouch at a peculiar orange flower which seemed to bloom when the bits of sunlight touched it, and revert back to a bud when it was shadowed. “This flower…this wonderful creature, will never have a name.”

“It’s gorgeous…”  Rose crouched next to him, playing with the sunlight and shadow on the flower, “Why won’t it have a name?  You know about it, so that means they preserved it…right?”

His eyes seemed slightly sad.

“I only know about it because only Time Lords knew about certain life forms that were extinct before they were discovered.”  He stood up then, careful not to touch it, and offered a hand to Rose to stand as well, which she took.  A lighter smile appeared on his features as he kept a hold on her hand. “Come on, there’s more to see out there and this planet’s sun is setting soon.  Clouds don’t seem to help our light source either.”

Rose took one last look at the flower and smiled at the Doctor, “I hear water.  You think there’s a spring up ahead?”

“Only one way to find out,” he grinned at her and she shot the same look back at him before they both took off, sprinting hand in hand to the source of the flowing liquid.

What they found was a majestic oasis.  So many colours. Green moss, marble rocks, flowers and bushes, and trees of all different kinds- silver, gold, red, blue, violet…and the water was a sparkling crystal white.  It reminded Rose of a living, breathing, flowing, diamond.  Her breath hitched and her heart stopped momentarily.  The Doctor seemed to notice this and with a bright smile towards the beauty of nature in front of them, slipped his hand from hers, only to bring his arm around her waist- his excuse would be so she wouldn’t lose her balance on the slippery, wet marble stone.

He led her to the edge of the water, and found a perfect ledge to sit upon- watching the suns (which he realized there were three- two very, very small, yet in orbit around the larger sun) set behind clouds and trees, the white diamond spring seeming to glow orange as the light disappeared.

Rose sat, their shoes now off and to either side of them, both pairs of feet dipped in the silky and warm feel of the water, and leaned against him, his large coat behind them and his suit coat atop of his shoes.  The Doctor’s arm was around her waist still, and Rose’s head was nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

Sometimes these were the greatest adventures.  The ones where it is just them, and it felt like these uninhabited planets were theirs and theirs alone.

The Doctor let himself breathe her in.  This wonderful, beautiful companion of his.  He knew she would be bad for him when he met her.  When she questioned him, and didn’t run in fear, but had that sparkle in her eyes when he asked her to run for him.  He felt her foot touch his lightly, resting under the water against it, and he smiled.  They were still running- maybe not from some evil alien bent on universe domination, but running nonetheless.  From themselves.  From the smiles and laughter, and the hand holding and even this.  Or maybe it was only he who was still running from what he wanted because he knew he couldn’t have it.

Maybe only for a while.

He pulled her closer and they talked about previous adventures and adventures to come.  Always avoiding the one adventure he feared to go on.


The suns had all officially set.  She was dozing off. The single moon reflected against the shimmer of the water, and the Doctor could smell rain in the distance.  This strange diamond water never seemed to make their feet wrinkle, and in fact, when he pulled his own out, felt like he had just had a pedicure (not that he‘s had one before).  He nudged the blonde next to him and spoke in a soft voice.

“We should head back to the TARDIS.”

She nodded sleepily and slipped her feet out of the water, and while stretching commented on how she felt like she had just gone to the spa.

The Doctor only smiled at that as he put his suit coat on, trainers already on his feet, and he grabbed his larger coat draping it over an arm and helped Rose up, who had slipped her own shoes back on.


They walked at a normal pace at first, enjoying the trail back in the night sky- always a different experience in the dark, until droplets of water began to hit them.

“It’s starting to rain,” Rose pointed out.

“Yeah, still got a bit of walking to do.”  He opened his overcoat and held it above them, “We’d best hurry.”

But the rain felt warm, and Rose pointed out also that it sparkled just like the spring they spent the good part of the afternoon.  And she left the confines of the coat, letting the water wash over her.

The Doctor could not deny that the sight in front of him was probably the most beautiful he had seen on this planet.  The overcoat was now draped over his arm as he smiled a bright smile to match the one Rose was wearing.  Rain poured hard and fast, and warm and soft, and slippery hands found each other and they walked slowly back to the TARDIS, completely soaked though, but not caring at all.

As the Doctor pulled out his key and made to open the door, Rose placed a hand on his arm.

“Can we watch this for a bit?”

There was no harm in it, and they were in no hurry, so he smiled, and with an “Of course we can!” he opened the door to the ship and threw the still well overcoat inside (much to the ship’s dismay), closed the door again and sat on the wet ground.  Rose sat next to him immediately leaning comfortably against him.

“Look at that flower,” he whispered in her ear as he pointed out a similar one to the one without a name.

“It looks happy.  We’re not the only ones who enjoy this rain,” she felt his breath on her cheek, still close to her ear and blushed slightly.

“I think it enjoys the company as well,” he never moved from this spot, enjoying the smell of the water on his Rose, making her scent so much stronger.

Rose smiled and turned to face him, only centimeters away, feeling his cool breath against her skin. “Are we still talking about the flower?”

The Doctor grinned, “Do we need to be?”

And as the rain poured down, warm and soft and strong, without thinking (for once), he kissed her gently on the lips that were so close to his own.

Rose’s eyes closed and she kissed back, shocked at first, but oh so welcoming to this new change.
Her eyes fluttered open and she looked into his wise, brown eyes.

“So is this officially our second date?” Rose asked, teasingly.

The Doctor made a face as if to think about it. “Well, if you want to count official then yes.” He had a goofy grin on his face, “This one ended with a kiss.”

Rose smiled mischievously at him.

“Who said it was over?”

And to that, the Doctor smiled, happy to be on an unnamed planet, surrounded by unnamed life forms, sharing this unnamed experience with Rose Tyler.

Date: 2010-01-01 04:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes this is exactly the kind of therapy I am needing right now. I think I'm going to need a lot of it after tonights episode. Thanks for writing. It is beautiful.

Date: 2010-01-01 05:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You and me both bb. <3

Thanks for commenting!

Date: 2010-01-06 09:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was lovely, made me kinda fuzzy, especially the last sentence =]


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