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Title: A Typical Bedtime Ritual
Rating: G
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Characters: Ten, Rose, OC
Spoilers: NONE
Summary: Just as the title says.
WARNINGS: baby!fic. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT.
Author's Notes: This ficlet/drabble/thing was primarily inspired by this piece of wonderful art done by the absolutely amazing [ profile] alizarin_skies .  Thank you to my beta (who I didn't even ask, I just forced her to do it v.v) [ profile] sheisreturning  and another thank you to [ profile] metacrisis_ten  for reading this even though I know you aren't a fan of baby!fic. Wow, rereading that, I sound like such a horrible friend! ILY GUYS! <333


“Adrastea.” Eyes looked up at the owner of the voice in wonderment, “Ahhh-draaa-staaaaay-ahhhh.”

“Tay-ya,” a small voice said in return.  The person giving the lessons in pronunciation frowned.

“No no, let’s try again, Ah-drah-stay-ah. Now your turn.”

“Tay-ya!” the little girl erupted into a giggle fit, which made the adult attempting to teach frown again…then smile despite himself.

“Tay-ya,” the little girl said again, matter-of-factly, pointing to herself, then pointed to the man steadying her on the console where she sat, “Daddy,” she said with that same matter-of-fact tone.

This made the man absolutely giddy.

“I’d say that a tickle is in order, wouldn’t you agree?”

The little girl giggled at the word “tickle” and started laughing when his fingers didn’t even touch her belly.

Thus it was how Rose found the Doctor with their 13 month old daughter, both father and child in a hysterical fit of laughter.  She was drying her hair with a towel, standing in the archway, watching them.

The Doctor wouldn’t admit to it, but he didn’t even realize she was there until he felt a slight tug in his mind from his daughter- that pink and yellow aura that represented his Rose apparently represented the same to the little girl in his arms.  “Oh you are brilliant,” he whispered to her before lifting her in his arms and turned to face the freshly cleaned Rose Tyler with a bright smile.

“There she is! Adrastea, look at mummy, isn’t she beautiful?”

Rose laughed and rolled her eyes while she continued to towel dry her hair, “You can shut it.  Flattery’s not gonna get you anywhere.”

He gave a mock pout, “It’s gotten me plenty of places! It’s gotten US plenty of places!”

“Prison on some alien planet doesn’t count.”

“Well it’s gotten us SOME places then.”

A small, yet rather loud voice interrupted the playful argument, “Tay-ya!” she pointed to herself then pointed to the Doctor, “Daddy,” a small chubby finger pointed in Rose’s direction, “Mummy.”  Adrastea seemed quite pleased with herself- in fact, she seemed to actually want praise for this amazing feat, which she so rightly deserved.

The Doctor looked at his daughter with a raised eyebrow and a smile. “Yes, you ARE brilliant.  Of course you are, you’re part me.”  Rose cleared her throat as she stood next to him.  “But mostly your mother, I’d be rubbish without her,” he paused and leaned in to whisper in her ear (which said mother heard), “scientifically speaking it’s the Time Lord genes from me,” Rose playfully hit him in the arm before taking her child from his arms into her own.

Adrastea was not quite satisfied with the praise yet, so she repeated herself, “Mummy,” she pointed to Rose, then back as herself, “Tay-ya.”  Rose gave her a bright smile as she hugged the child tightly. “You’re so smart! I’m so proud of you Teya!” She kissed her forehead, then looked at her little girl, “He’s normally right you know.  Just don’t let him know that,“ she smiled teasingly at the Doctor. “It’ll get to his head.”

“No it won’t!” He addressed his daughter with a grin, “You can tell me how amazing I am all you want,” he paused. “Did you just call her Teya?” Rose looked at him with a “hmm?”

“Oh no, not you too! Your mother calls her that!“ He pointed to Adrastea, “She’s the only one allowed to.  She’s still in the developmental stages.”

“I think it’s cute,” Rose gave him a pointed look, “And my Mum can call her whatever she wants, it’s her granddaughter.”

“Within reason.  She can call her what she wants within reason.”

“And Teya is within reason.  Why don’t we ask her?” She looked at her daughter and asked the very simple question, “Teya or Adrastea?”  To which she responded while pointing to herself and giggling, “Tay-ya!”

The Doctor was outnumbered, and couldn’t help but smile, “That’s not fair. Clever, but not fair at all.”

Rose kissed his cheek, kissed her daughter‘s cheek, handed the little girl back to her father, and yawned while setting the towel on one of the corals of the TARDIS to dry.

“Well, you both can go back to whatever you were doing before. I’m goin’ to bed.”  The Doctor looked slightly disappointed, having mastered the art of not whining too horribly when the human wanted to sleep, but it was the child who looked utterly heartbroken.

And as all children who are heartbroken and are obviously not getting what they want, she cried.

And being a half alien child who was heartbroken and obviously not getting what they wanted, she not only cried on the outside, but sent her father her feelings through her brilliant little mind.

Which made the Doctor give Rose a look that made her frown.

As if the Doctor could read Rose’s mind at that point, he hugged the crying child close and swayed her while addressing Rose, “but she’s doing it again!”

Rose cracked a slight smile, then looked serious (her eyes betraying her seriousness), “Hey! Both of you!” Adrastea sniffled, turned her small, tear strewn face to her mother, and both father and daughter gave the blonde all the attention they could muster.  Rose wanted to laugh at the sight of them looking so much like the other, but continued with what she wanted to say, pointing to them with a reprimanding finger, “As long as you can be a little quieter than last night, you can join me. BUT! You have got to be quiet.  I’m really tired.”

They shared the same bright smile to each other as the Doctor wiped his daughter’s eyes, and Rose laughed this time, walking in the direction of the bathroom to brush her teeth.


Rose stepped out of the bathroom and walked into their bedroom, only to find the Doctor in his pajamas, hands ruffling his hair, and about a dozen different baby-sized night clothes scattered about the floor.

The owner of said night clothes was happily sitting on the bed, obviously enjoying her father’s reaction, and threw yet another set of clothes onto the floor with a giggle.
“Look! Look at me Teya!” he grabbed the front of his top, “Daddy’s wearing his, now you get to wear yours!”  Another hysterical giggle erupted from the child before she pointed to Rose (who was stifling her laughter).

“Mummy!”  The Doctor turned around, hair sticking every which way and smiled at Rose.

“I figured she would need at least a few hours of sleep, being part you, and you need sleep obviously,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “she doesn’t want to get into her jim-jams though. Keeps throwing them on the floor.  I think she thinks this is a game," he frowned at his daughter, "And a rather fun one at that.”

Rose smiled and walked up to him, giving him a proper kiss on the lips. “Thank you for trying, but she’s not going to sleep anytime soon.”  She ruffled his already messed up hair, “And I heard you call her by her nickname,” she said with that teasing smile across her features.

“Well, it was all in an attempt to get her to-…she likes it.”

She laughed, then picked up the clothes around the room and tossed them on a chair as the Doctor pulled a handwritten book of stories by the Brothers Grimm from a shelf (“only about half of these stories are fairly tales, bit rude how they wrote me out of some of them and changed my name in others…”).


It only took a few more moments before they were all settled on the bed, the Doctor’s voice animated as Adrastea giggled and looked at him with interest.

Rose was exhausted, and they were being fairly quiet- enough so that she could fall asleep if she wanted, but the image of the Doctor and their daughter…so involved with each other, as if they were the most interesting and enjoyable thing in the universe… that image was something she didn’t want to miss.

She supposed another night without much sleep wouldn’t hurt.  It was worth it.


Comments are appreciated! My first ever baby!fic, so please be kind!
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