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Apr. 21st, 2010 05:50 pm
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 [ooc: this is an rp based off of an idea- what if Rose never met the Doctor she fell in love with? What if she was just a normal companion?]

It was a normal Tuesday evening at the shop, and Rose was just finishing folding the blouses near the doors.  She let her co workers out, then looked around before shutting the lights off and setting the alarm in the store.  With that, she walked out, locked the doors, and began in the direction of home.  Her cell rang.

"Hey Mickey.  Yes, tomorrow," she laughed, "of course I didn't forget! .... Shut up, I'll see you then.  Good night!" the smile didn't leave her face, and she tucked her hands in the pockets of her hoodie and began walking a little faster.

There was a weird noise down an alley...she stopped, wondering if she should continue home- in fact continued to walk- before she stopped again, and turned around, toward the direction of the noise, and stood in the alley watching as a mysterious blue police box materialized right before her eyes.

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The Doctor stared at the console for a moment, bemused. This was nowhere near the Loferion sector, much less Aufidia itself. The atmosphere readings were all wrong- too Earthlike- and it looked as if the coordinate monitor was blown at last. How ironic, that it should do so on his way to a planet where he'd planned to enact a repair sequence on the poor girl.

With a sigh, he flipped the viewscreen switch, watching as its cover raised. The image looked rather claustrophic, he thought- oh. An alleyway. That figured. He was, it appeared, on Earth- and there was some poor woman staring at the TARDIS as if she'd just appeared out of- well, it usually did look as if she appeared out of nowhere, didn't it? He'd better go out and explain, so the woman wouldn't run off howling to the constable. He'd hate to have to bother the Brig for such a small mishap.

With a casual tug on the lever to the inner doors, he donned his hat and made his way outside, first poking his head past the outer door to squint into the evening sunlight. he quickly stepped out afterward, pulling the door shut behind him and giving it a comforting pat, before making his way down the small street. "How do you do?" he called, tipping his hat and providing his most diplomatic smile. "I'm the Doctor. This might sound terribly strange, but would you mind telling me where and when I might be?"

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She blinked, opened her mouth to say something, closed it, then blinked again.

"Riiiight," she nodded and raised an eyebrow. Anyway, hi, I'm Rose. Your question isn't as strange as that...thing behind you. You're in London, Powell Estates, and it's the year 2005." She was still a little apprehensive, but her curiosity was getting the best of her. "'The Doctor?' That's your name?"

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"She isn't a thing," he retorted immediately, already defensive. "That happens to be a very important friend of mine." He stopped after that, realising he probably sounded like a nutter. "I'll explain later," he amended almost sheepishly, stepping politely past her to peek out of the alley, looking this way and that.

"London, you say? I don't believe I've been to 2005 yet- skipped a century or two before I came here again after '83. Has it changed much from 1983? Looks a bit... dirtier than I remember." With a faintly irritated expression, he turned back to her, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Growing lax in your environmental maintenance, I see," he muttered, before brightening slightly. "At any rate, it's a pleasure to meet you, Rose. I hope it doesn't bother you, my lack of surname. Not particularly important where I come from, you see."

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"Well, I wouldn't know how it was in 1983- I was born in '87. But yeah, you could say it's changed a bit," a sly smile was on her face, sort of laughing at the situation- but more at her not-really-a-joke joke.

"So, Doctor, what is she?" Rose pointed to the TARDIS before she went ahead and stepped close to it, extending a hand to touch the wooden blue box.


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