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Birthdate:May 7
Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Character name: Rose Tyler
Series/Fandom source: Doctor Who
Point at which taken from source: a few months after the end of season 4, not quite a year- just after her 21st birthday.

Age: 21 (born April 27, 1987)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Blood type: unknown, assumption is AB negative.
Allergies: none, but doesn't like taking aspirin just because.

For the Appearance, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, Special Abilities, and History, I will briefly describe what I know, but everything can be found on these sites; they are also my references to the information I give below: (this is the best one)


Appearance: blonde, young looking, average size, more on the thin side, physically fit (enough to run and use big heavy guns).

Personality: Rose can be naive, but sometimes it's just for show. She is known to be sweet, gentle and sympathetic, full of love for anyone she meets, and is a quick learner. Meaning she can pretty much adapt to any situation no matter how strange it is. Rose is in love with her Doctor (nine and ten, at this point the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor *this can be played with*), and will do absolutely anything for him. This includes the willingness kill any of the Doctor's enemies without feeling bad for doing so.

Strengths: Brave, fast learner, loving, willing to do what she can to survive (unless it comes to the Doctor, then whatever she can to make sure HE lives).

Weaknesses: She is a VERY jealous person when it comes to what she likes/loves/wants (especially the Doctor). This has been shown throughout the series and some non-television stories, although the television series is what is considered canon. Another weakness is that she, once again, can be very naive, and sometimes too trusting- to where it can get her in trouble.

Special abilities: nothing more than physical training with Torchwood- she can use weapons of alien origin, and can think on her feet when it comes to survival skills. She also knows quite a bit about space and time, mostly learned from her time with the Doctor, and the rest learned from her experience with Torchwood on the parallel universe.

History: She was born on April 27, 1987. She was 19 when she met the Doctor (although this is debatable considering timeline- taking this date into consideration, she should have been 17 when she met the Doctor, however it is entirely possible that she lied about her age to make herself seem more mature). Rose was a shop girl, working in a department store, then went on to have many adventures with the Ninth Doctor, then with the Tenth Doctor. After traveling with Ten, she made the decision to leave her family and friends behind for the Doctor, just to stay with him. In the end, this was not to be, and she ended up in a parallel universe with her mother and "parallel" father (her father in her world had died while she was still an infant). While away from the Doctor, she made it a point to find him again. This became even more important when she noticed the stars going out in all worlds, not just the parallel world she was in. She then (with the help of Torchwood) created a dimension canon, and after chasing him (and getting there just a little too late), she eventually found him, and helped save the universe once again, this time with the help of other companions (Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey Smith, and her mother- Jackie Tyler...she was only able to see Harriet Jones through a computer screen before she was destroyed by the Daleks). At the end however, due to certain circumstances, a biological metacrisis occurred with the Doctor, creating the Meta-Crisis Doctor (a literal clone of the Tenth Incarnation, except with only one heart, able to age, and no ability to regenerate- in other words, part human). She was left back on the parallel universe with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, and series-wise, this was the end of her story.

3rd person sample: (I am using a sample from a private rp, however this is generally my "serious" writing style.)

Her heart ached watching him like this. Was this why she was brought here? To see him regenerate? To see him die? A flash went through her head to seeing her father die, and being there as he passed on.

Was that why she was here? So he wouldn't be lonely when he died?

His grip on her wrist was tight, despite the obviously weakened state he was in. Almost like he was holding on to her in order to keep him grounded- with her.

She felt him slightly move and his eyes open, but they seemed so lost- seemed so disbelieving of what they were seeing. Lost...distant...and confused. That's what it was she saw in his eyes...maybe he really was dying?

Rose closed her eyes determined not to cry, and to stay strong for him. Her strength almost faltered, and she leaned down to place a soft kiss on his forehead. Please be okay... repeated over and over in her head.

She was slightly shocked at what that small action did for him- to him. He relaxed...the fever started to break. Was he really going to be okay?

She breathed deep as his hand came up to her cheek, feeling the slight wetness from a tear that managed to defy her pressed between her skin and his own.

And she laughed- a light laugh, but a laugh nonetheless at his statement. The whole ordeal had shaken her so much by this point that she could only smile at him, and hold his hand where it was; softly pressed against her cheek.

Then he apologized.

The "I'm sorry," meaning so much to her. Almost like he was apologizing not for himself, but for his meta-crisis self that left her. Before she could comfort him with her own words, his body convulsed. She jumped- scared by the sudden display.

He grabbed her hand and Rose held it as tight as she could, but felt it still wasn't enough.

"I'm here...I'm here... tell me what you need!" her voice was slightly panicked, but she held his hand, positioning herself to hold him tightly at the same time. She voiced her fears in her state of panic, but still held him, protective of her Doctor.

"Don't die on me now, okay?" She paused, not able to keep up the joking tone in her voice. "...please don't die..."

The current mood theme is Billie/David and Rose/Ten made by: [info]watcher_junior.

This is a roleplaying journal by [info]zomgvampires.

Rose Tyler and Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. No infringement intended.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

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