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Title: The Last Kiss
Rating: PG13 (for implied UST)
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Characters: The Doctor, Rose
Spoilers: NONE
Summary: Rose remembers her Last Kiss before Army of Ghosts/Doomsday...I suppose it's thoughts after Doomsday?
WARNINGS: uhhhh I don't THINK so?
Author's Notes: this was based on this little bit of rp- the head canon part. Comments are appreciated.


There were always the kisses when they were alone. Short, sweet, long, lovely, passionate, angry, friendly, fun.

The kisses were needed behind closed doors as much as the hand holding and the hugs were everywhere else.

One kiss in particular stood out in Rose’s mind the most.

The Last Kiss.
And what happened afterwards.

Oh yes, they shared kisses, and hugs, and touches, but they never went any further than those touches that left his skin that much warmer, and left her wanting more. He would stop, or she would stop, or there would be a planet to save, or the mobile would ring.

But this kiss… the Last Kiss. She remembered it, and held onto it as if her life depended on it- because it did, she supposed.

The day had started as usual.

“Where do you want to go, Rose?”

“Have you met Shakespeare? I want to see Hamlet. Can you take me there Doctor?”

“Hamlet? I didn’t see you as a Shakespeare type of girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Late fifteen-hundreds, Shakespeare and Hamlet coming right up!”


He was busying himself with dancing around the console as he usually did in preparation for a trip. She repeated.



“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I thought it was rhetorical.”

She frowned at his innocent expression.

“Why don’t you think I look like a Shakespeare type of girl?”

“Rose, you look like the type of girl who would be more into being on stage than watching a wordy play done by a bunch of blokes.”

“Oh… is that all?”

He stopped what he was doing and took her hands into his own.

“Yes, that’s all.”

He took this chance and kissed her softly, trying to make her feel better for something he didn’t realize offended her.

She reciprocated, and soon the kiss turned from loving, to wanting, to needing, and she didn’t realize she was sitting on the console, and her blouse had somehow come off, and his tie was loose, and his jacket on the floor. This was it… this time for sure… they would finally…

“Wait…” she said in-between kissing his neck (she loved his neck), and he only answered with a “hmm” against her ear.

“Bed…” she managed to say, and soon she was being carried to her room, where the giant welcoming mattress was- waiting to have it’s occupants do so much more than sleep.

He kicked the door open, and in his haste, threw her on the bed… which in turn made her bounce… which in turn made her laugh.

He was in the middle of completely removing his shirt, shoes already thrown in the corner, when he stopped at looked at the girl who was now laughing so hard she was red in the face.


“This bed!” she laughed more at his confused expression, “It bounces!” She bounced herself to show him, and laughed harder.


She stood up on the bed, slightly wobbly, in just a skirt and a bra, but a childlike glee upon her features. She beckoned him to join her and he took her hand, tie on the floor, and shirt completely unbuttoned, but a goofy smile appeared when he realized what she meant.

Once he was standing on the bed, they looked at each other, smiled, held the other’s hand, and jumped.

They jumped on the bed until they were so tired from the laughter and the fun of it all, and just laid there, on her utterly messy bed, and smiled. One more kiss. A thank you of sorts.

Thank you for staying with me forever…the Last Kiss.

She sat up, “Well now I need to wash my comforter. Shakespeare some other time, let’s go visit Mum.”

And they did- and it was the Last Kiss that kept her going

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Idk if you remember RP'ing with me at all but yeah... I lul'd

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I was liek, 'ooo 10xrose' /readreadread 'I KNOW THIS USERNAME OHSNAP'

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omg yes. we. are. awesome.

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Yay, you wrote something!

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I know! I was so proud of myself!

Have you seen Doctor Who yet???

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Lol, no. ^^; I've been hearing more about it, and have been vaguely getting more interested. I'll probably watch it eventually.

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Ma'am. We gotta remedy that. Do you have netflix? If not, I'll message you my stuff to get onto mine.

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I don't have Netflix. I might be done with work, but my principal might call about problems to fix tomorrow, so this weekend might be better for watching.


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